Why Anthony’s? We keep it simple.

We treat you the way we want to be treated.

Our clients can expect trust, quality, complete privacy, and total freedom. Anthony’s is the place where New York men go when they need to get real about their hair. That can mean their perfectly full hair, their lack of hair, or hair that needs to be added. Our private rooms mean that no one ever needs to know if you have hair additions. You’ll get personalized, straight talk about exactly what’s going on with your hair and what your options are. We won’t sell you anything you don’t need and we never require any contracts. We might even send you home to think about a decision before you make it. Come in and we’ll make your hair look great. We know that when we do, we’ll be seeing you again.


Men's Causes

Male pattern baldness causes 95% of hair loss. For that reason, the vast majority of men have similar hair loss.

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Men's Solutions

Anthony takes a one-on-one, personalized approach to hair loss. These are some of the tools that he trusts.

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Salon Services

Our masterful styling, commitment to privacy, reasonable prices, and individual focus make Anthony's the most trusted men's salon in New York.

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Schedule Your Free Consultation

Your initial consultation is free, even if you’re only considering a haircut. Come see Anthony to find out your hair’s potential to look great. A small tweak could lead to big results. If you’re already wearing a hair system, we’ll help it look even better and more natural.

We operate by appointment only, so be sure to schedule ahead of time. If you need same-day service, give us a call. We keep a wait list to make sure someone else gets in whenever a client cancels.

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  • The Best Haircut in town... in the world!!! – I have been going to Anthony for more than 2 years now... He is great, he is the only one that I trust. A real professional. I highly recommend him, he really knows what he is doing he has tons of experience. He listens to what you have to say. He makes you feel great and look great!!!


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Hair Salon

Check out photos of our hair salon.

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Latest News

  • Hair Replacement That Cannot Be Detected

    One of the biggest problems in the hair replacement industry is getting the public beyond the bad perception of hair replacement created by entertainment industry jokes. When a prospective buyer said "I've never seen good hair replacement" Anthony responded "That's because when you see good hair replacement, you cannot tell…
  • We neutralize men’s hair loss.

    What I mean is, we make men's hair loss not matter. Were you hoping for a cure? We haven't quite gotten there yet. The important thing right now is to find the absolute best look for your hair regardless of what's going on with your hair loss.

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